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Hi, I`m Mark the Akita. Not a rock hound I don`t fetch nor play with owner. Owner is my pet, And he knows it. Just try to get me back in truck after a day mining & rock hunting.
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Quadruped yard help. Maine-Coon frank, Known as ''Mean coon'' Akita Mark, And I'll tell you when I'm going home.) Austin, Known as the human trainer. 
Brag over, Pictures talk louder then fingers on a keyboard. 
Deer creek fire agate, The easy ones from the barrel.
 Rocks, great fun back ache. Lebanon Oregon was my first rock hunting trip on the Stantiam river in town. ( 1961 )
Since then the rock interest has grown. Family Stanley's in Mount Ida for Quartz crystals. & Family ( Dad ) in kemmamer WY.  

Earl Cole's rock shop Lebanon, Oregon.

Thanks to older brother, not wanting to play rock with dad. I got the shop, 1981. and a life long collection. In 1961. Dad an i hunted the area around Lebanon. With my sears wagon at the river in town. Santiam south fork. that wagon lasted one trip, rebuilt to transport at least 400 Lbs. and Kid. 
 For over 50 years I've rocked out in the back yard of Oregon And Washington state. 
My family in Mount Ida Ar. mined the Fisher mt. quartz dig ( great uncle Ocas Stanley ).
Earl Cole's family did the fossils on the green river in Wy. Dad said he'd walk a 1/2 hour out the back door of his home to the 7800 Ft. fossil in all direction to find.

​Oregon geology has a lot of world famous formations to host a huge verity of material ( Silicate life forms ). Worlds largest Andesite flow in pillow basalt with 70% silica. largest rhyolite flow that forms the slag on basalt flows for the cavity's for thunder egg formation to form in. Largest obsidian mass. largest outcrop of agate ( 50 mile radius around Pinnville,Oregon ). And the thickest formation of agate.In Lebanon Oregon on old Sodaville road 3 ft. diameter agate was found. Soiled geode. Information as said is from Oregon state Geology. U of O collage.  
So I have lived a highly agatized life, since I woke to life, family of silicate life on the lithosphere. 
The photos on site is material I've collected over the pass 50 years with family. And a lot of the nice material comes from local rock shops in around Lebanon and the state. Though Max the German Shepard, Was my safety officer on digs.1974 - 1981. I bought him a new 1977 ford F-150 step side to rock in with me.